Financial Assistance

Our Financial Assistance Policy

In addition to integrating the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication in our own lives, it is our mission to share NVC with our community. We value making our trainings available to as many people as possible. Our invitation to you is to contribute the highest amount you can with ease and joy.

We are also mindful of our own needs for support and sustainability. Our hope is that each person will consider his or her personal needs along with ours. With this in mind, we offer a few options when people request financial assistance:

  1. Early Bird Discounts: For most events, we offer a substantial discount if you register several weeks in advance: the exact earlybird cut-off date will be specified in each workshop announcement. This gives us predictability, and money up front to cover our costs, and extends a savings to you.
  2. Sponsorship: We encourage you to find a friend, relative, or your workplace to sponsor your attendance at this event, possibly in exchange for sharing what you learned with them! We are happy to offer suggestions for how to approach your employer with this request, and what has worked well for other people. Example: Some schools have money set aside to help teachers fulfill requirements for professional development. If you teach, consider asking the administration for professional-development funds to cover the expense of the workshop.
  3. Installment payments. We are open to receiving your payment in two or more installments. If you would like to do this, please contact us (see below) so that we can work out something that works well for both of us. If space for an event is limited, we will hold your place upon receiving the first payment.
  4. Work Exchange: We have a few work-exchange opportunities for most public trainings, where we invite people to volunteer their time in exchange for partial trade for the fee request. Tasks vary from those done before the training (organizing, running errands, sorting materials) to things done at the training itself (setup, teardown, checking people in at registration, helping the bookstore coordinator, audio visual support, etc.) For each event, we incur some basic expenses that are fixed; so we ask that people contribute 20-50% of the fee in money, and exchange the remainder in work.

We are particularly interested in reaching people for whom our requested contribution would be prohibitive. For questions or further clarification, please call Zina Yzquierdo at 615-403-2521.