NVC Experiences

Personal Experiences with NVC Nashville

“Practicing Nonviolent Communication has improved my self awareness, especially in situations where I am annoyed or angered by others’ words or actions. I have learned that it’s crucial that I first observe my initial feelings towards someone elses words or actions; then I will be able to give myself empathy before I react. This does not eliminate the other person from the equation, rather, it makes me more responsible for my own words and actions, then chances are I can respond from a more loving and peaceful
place.” – Tracy R.

“NVC is more than a model for compassionate communication– it’s an attitude. Practicing NVC has given me the tools to more deeply connect in my relationships, to better understand and satisfy my client needs and to bring more compassion and respect to my own needs, feelings and desires. ” – April L.

“I find Nonviolent Communication to be helpful not only in my personal life, but particularly with my life coaching clients – I have yet to discover a better way of connecting with what is really going on inside of them as well as helping them find clarity in their needs and desires.” – Logan S.

“A learning that blew me off my feet was to find out that no matter how I was behaving – good, bad, awful – it was to meet a need. Which means that however another is behaving with me, they are attempting to meet a need of their own. This means I do not have to take anything personally – my behavior is to meet my need; their behavior is to meet theirs. Is that not awesome?” Andy W.

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